[18F]FDOPA Nucleophilic process

Commercially available: ready to use consumables and optimized method


In neuropsychiatry, FDOPA's ability to bind to dopamine receptors provides a distinctive feature for patients with Parkinson’s disease. FDOPA is also investigated for schizophrenia. In oncology, FDOPA's uptake in cells overexpressing amino acid transporters makes it a particularly efficient brain tumor tracer where FDG often lacks specificity. FDOPA also offers perspectives in the detection of neuroendocrine tumors.


The FDOPA nucleophilic process allows the production of FDOPA on the AllinOne automated synthesizer using a cassette and a reagent kit.


  • High yield ≥ 35% maintained at high activity (> 12 Ci, being 450 GBq) 
  • Process suitable for commercial production 
  • Formulation requires no compounding prior injection 
  • Plug and play consumables including HPLC eluent 
  • No laboratory bench preparation 
  • High specific activity 
  • Same 18F source as for [18F]FDG


Cassette and reagents set up time < 2 min
Synthesis time 70 min
Radiochemical purity ≥ 97 % after 8 hr