Commercially available: ready to use consumables and optimized method


[11C]Choline is a PET diagnostic radiotracer used in oncology and in particular for prostate cancer. Because of its low uptake in normal brain, heart and urinary tract tissues compared to other tracers like [18F]FDG, imaging tumors located near those structures results in a greater sensitivity.


This 11C process automated on a disposable device from target outlet to final product vial involves a “Reagent Kit” and a “Cassette”.


  • 11C chemistry made simple
  • Whole process on one box
  • Reproducible yield
  • No lab bench preparation required
  • Disposable cassette, no cleaning


Cassette and reagents set up time < 1 min
Synthesis time 15 min
Radiochemical purity ≥ 98 %