Large-scale production in radiopharmacies

High-yield FDG. Efficient. Controlled

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Ensure high-yield production for FDG and other routine tracers

For an optimized production of FDG Dual or any other routine tracers in your radiopharmacy, make sure you achieve high yields in a consistent way. With AllinOne synthesizer you ensure a reproducible yield for FDG (70% ± 4 ndc) by using a validated sequence (FDG Quad, FDG Dual, FDG single run) and ready-to-use cassettes and reagents.

With the FDG Quad run you will gain time as you will be able to perform several runs on the same synthesizer, avoiding cleaning and rinsing operations.

Quality control: ensure compliance with the highest standards

With our robust synthesizers, our proven processes and our reproducible yields, you are sure to be compliant with the most strict rules in terms of quality control. The final synthesis product goes through quality control process and is compatible with GMP requirements.

Efficient and cost-effective operations

Your fluorine production needs to be as efficient as possible to keep your cost under control. With our synthesis module you enhance productivity by enabling back-to-back runs and by removing preparation time with the ready-to-use consumables. Moreover, you reduce your running costs by automating the runs and by reducing the downtime. With our competitive consumables, our efficient FDG Dual run kit you will be able to refund the cost of your machine within only three years.

Control and analyze your production

To guarantee full visibility and control over the PET tracer production, use the numerous features of the AllinOne user interface system. Use the reporting and analytical features to analyze the yields and the production trends to be able to optimize the process. Define the right user access, keep your production logs according to the FDA regulations (21 cfr part 11) or export your data for a further use on a different system.