Custom development

Customized engineering and design

Our engineers can design or customize equipment to meet your specific needs related to production or space constraints. These tailored developments need to be thoroughly analyzed by our team, so let’s discuss together your project.

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On-demand consumables

You are developing your molecule and need to quickly bring it in clinical trial or in production? We design custom cassettes and reagent kits which are produced under GMP. If you need to develop a new molecule, our “R&D cassette” as well as our selection of individual cassette components allows you to freely implement your research project.

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Development of a new tracer

You need to develop a specific synthesis processes or new methods for your molecules? Your tracer development project is not advancing as you wish and need assistance?

We provide technical, chemical and regulatory support for the development, implementation and testing of new tracers on the AllinOne family of synthesizers.

We collaborate with renowned research centers and with commercial companies worldwide for the development of new tracers. Once the development phase is over, we help our customers to bring their drugs faster to clinical trials and to commercial production.

You can also benefit from our global network of research centers and collaborate on a tracer development project with the community. Our online collaboration platform will help you find research partners, share ideas, test and implement tracer development projects.

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