Scientific Publications

July 20, 2016

Fully automated, robust and reproducible synthesis of 16α-18Ffluoroestradiol (18F-FES)

Guillaume BLUET, Cathy AUBERT, Florence GRUSS-LELEU, Laurent BESRET, Sébastien D’HEILLY, Sébastien ROY, Muhammad OTABASHI and Laurent BRICHARD

The study describes an in-house automated, reliable and reproducible radiosynthesis using the AllInOne synthesizer for the routine production of [18F]-FES for preclinical studies. The easy to use module allowed to develop efficient automated synthetic and purification procedures to obtain [18F]-FES in good radiochemical yields (up to 25% ndc) within just 45 min.

July 17, 2016

High-yield fully automated production of [18F]Fluoro-Choline at High Activity on the AllinOne Synthesizer

M, Otabashi; C, Desfours; T, Vergote; L, Brichard; JL, Morelle and G, Philippart - Trasis

A fully automated method was developed on the AllinOne synthesizer , with high and reproducible yields at all activity levels using ready-to-use kits. The results show no radioactive gases, extremely low levels of DMAE and compliance with any QC testing required. 

May 19, 2016

[ 68Ga] peptide high-output production on commercially available MiniAIO® synthesizer

Collet C., Remy S., Didier R., Vergote T., Véran N., Karcher G.

The conclusions of the study show: simple and reproductible synthesis methods without solvent, compatible with different peptide precursors, excellent radiochemical yield, each radiotracer was synthesized more than 10 times germanium concentration lower than the Ph.Eur. limit.

May 2, 2016

Development of [18F]Fluoro-C-glycosides to radiolabel peptides for PET application

Dr Charlotte Collet, Petry N., Chrétien F., Karcher G.,Pellegrini-Moïse N., Lamandé-LangleS - CHRU Nancy-Brabois

The radiochemistry research conducted by Dr. Collet Charlotte from the research group NancycloTep GIE (Université de Lorraine, CHRU Nancy, France), led by Professor KARCHER Gilles, has shown that very complex chemistry can be performed by using the whole set of capabilities and features of the AllinOne synthesizer. One process with two reactors, two HPLC, SPE prepurification and click chemistry on one automated synthesizer.