NM departments: synthesis, dose preparation and injection

Easy to use - Safe - Compact.

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Long-lasting collaboration with NM departments

Along the years, we have worked closely with nuclear medicine departments to develop simple solutions which reduce risk factors while handling radiopharmaceutical products. We have developed devices and accessories allowing staff to:

  • locally prepare radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnostics and therapy
  • automate the dispensing of PET radiopharmaceuticals
  • administer radiopharmaceuticals in the most secure and effective manner
  • benefit from optimal radiation protection during day-to-day activities

Nuclear medicine production room

No cyclotron in house? You can still produce many radio-labelled molecules

You wish to meet the growing interest for therapeutic and diagnostic molecules? Even without a cyclotron you will be able to meet patient needs.

Choose miniAllinOne in its shield, the most compact solution on the market. It is simple and allows reaching the highest yields, while keeping a full autonomy from generator providers. Thanks to the unsurpassed versatility of this machine, you will be able to produce therapeutic and diagnosis molecules with a generator so that you stay ahead of emerging theranostic procedures.

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You have a cyclotron aboard and wish to make the most of it?

We have solutions for 18F and 11C isotopes, including synthesis modules, individual dose dispensing systems, their shielding and accessories. Make the most of your cyclotron and radiopharmacy. Produce any tracer you wish to be ahead of patient needs.

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Allow your staff to focus on patient care

To guarantee that patient care remains outstanding, it is vital that the preparatory routine procedures are simple, efficient and timely. Empower your operations with systems which will prepare with an extreme accuracy the radiopharmaceuticals to be injected to patients and which will simplify the intervention from operators.

Allow your staff to focus on things that matter: patient care.


Reduce staff radiation exposure by up to 95%

Staff and patient safety is a major concern anywhere, but especially in nuclear medicine departments. Ensure an optimal radiation protection for your staff with the dedicated shielding solutions for our synthesizers and dispensers and with our shielded accessories. Unidose, our hospital dispenser has proven to reduce staff radiation exposure by up to 95% based on a study carried out by the Léon Bérard Cancer Center, Lyon, France.

Allow your staff to focus on patient care