October 26, 2018

Closing of EANM - One successfull edition

The EANM already seems so far away... We really miss the intensity of having a booth full of people every single day! This edition might be over on the paper but it is still running through our heads. We then couldn't resist to share some of the best moments with you.

Düsseldorf, 15 October 2018 : Trasis' Community Meeting.

The Trasis team was ready to welcome all attendees at its Community Meeting being held at the Schnellenburg Hotel. Corentin Warnier and Charles Vriamont, both PhD Chemist, first set the latest outcomes out then spoke about ongoing developments at Trasis. The PSMA was in everybody's mouth and there were great exchanges about it. Not only were speakers from Trasis but we had also great guests.

AllinOne family versatility

Our speakers brought to reality that AllInOne's versatility is not to be proven anymore, it just is! The program tells it all :

  • PhD Dragojlub Lukic from HUG showed us the use of 13N Ammonia for quantification of myocardial perfusion
  • PhD Sophie Levesque from Centre Jean Perrin informed us on 131I Targeted radionuclide of melanoma
  • PhD Graham Smith from the Institute of Cancer Research talked about 18F AIF Optimisation of the radiolabelling method on Trasis AIO synthesis platform

This meeting showed that even the latest developed compounds still fits on the All-in-one. No need to change the machine when you need a new compound!

Last but not least, we compiled the best of the EANM here : Enjoy!